Straelen as a business location:

We're in the Green.

As "Germany's secret agro metropolis" Straelen's fame reaches far beyond the Lower Rhine area. "You are happy to settle down here" - the town's motto undeniably applies to companies willing to locate.

This microsite gives you fast and compact information about Straelen as a business location which is much loved by investors from Great Britain, the USA and the Netherlands due to its central location. For further information about the town of Straelen and its attractive living environment, click here.

Your advantages:

  • Attractive "town in green surroundings", centrally located in the Euregion Rhine/Maas
  • The lowest municipal tax rates anywhere in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Agro business companies: unique synergies
  • Logistics hot spot Venlo in the Netherlands: really close-by
  • Support service from Wirtschaftsförderung Straelen

Straelen economy news: VProperty of the month
Straelen: even more attractive for private individuals wishing to build. Straelen is frequently more flexible than other municipalities – this can now also be seen in the purchasing of building plots for young families: for the first time "building leases" are available. Further information

Currently interesting buildings for commercial users (lease and purchase).