your “in the Green” location for horticulture on the Rhine and the Maas.

The flowers and vegetables town Straelen is an attractive trade and services location focussing on horticulture and agro business. The town lies centrally in the largest connected horticultural production area in Europe, the Lower Rhine and the Dutch province Limburg with Greenport Venlo.

Straelen is often called the "secret metropolis" of the German agro business industry. Here, you can also find:

The Straelen/Geldern/Kevelaer region is home to:
  • 15 % of the total greenhouses in Germany
  • 22% of all German horticultural companies with a product focus on flowers / decorative plants
  • 2,000 nurseries and 7,000 ha production area (Lower Rhine)
  • Over 250 companies for horticultural produce in the urban area alone

Use these unique surroundings and the diverse synergies for your company: our specialist consultants offer you top service and exclusive offers especially for this sector cluster.

Further information is available here:

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