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Straelen: even more attractive for private individuals wishing to build.

Straelen is frequently more flexible than other municipalities - this can now also be seen in the purchasing of building plots for young families: for the first time "building leases" are available.

Figuratively as a "green light" for investments, this innovation is for private house builders: the town was one of the first municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia to provide building plots also within the scope of building leases - for only 3.5% interest on building rights.

This considerably simplifies financing an own home for those willing to build: Straelen offers interesting plots of land with heritable lease rights in the building area "Streutgens Kamp" - in close proximity to the fitness swimming centre "Wasserstraelen".

If, for example, a 400 sqm sized area is allocated to a family willing to build within the scope of a building lease contract for 99 years here, a yearly burden of 1400 euros or monthly 117 euros* is incurred. The advantage of this form of financing: most of the capital resources are not already used up for purchasing the plot of land. Although this offer is not available to trade investors or other investors, it demonstrates how Straelen helps investors through innovation and a reduction of regulations.
According to Straelen's trade promoter Uwe Bons: "We have attractive offers for business developers or parties interested in properties who also wish to select Straelen as their residential location. For example in our new residential area "Händelstraße".


* No liability can be assumed for the sample calculation, status: Nov. 2009


Straelen's Wirtschaftsförderung

Straelen's Wirtschaftsförderung awarded the "SUCCESS" prize for location marketing

Straelen had repeatedly extended its strengths in Agro business and gardening during the past years and is also well-positioned in this thematic area for the future.
This commitment was acknowledged by being awarded the Best Practice Prize in 2009 "SUCCESS" for successful location marketing by the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e.V. to the Straelen Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft (WfG).

Uwe Bons from WfG was able to accept the prize during the German Business Development Congress. In their statement, the jury established that Straelen's WfG has succeeded in establishing a high level of target group-related location identity with a low budget and tenacity. "With a clear focus on gardening and agro business, the relevant companies and multipliers have been involved. Within the course of the activities, new companies from these sectors have established themselves in the region or intensified their involvement in the region", the competition jury's laudation went on to say.

An independent jury consisting of marketing experts, journalists and business developers awarded the prizes for 2009.
The jury consisted of the following representatives:

Guido Baranowski
(Chairman of the Management of TechnologieZentren Dortmund GmbH)

Stephan Lennard
(Managing Director of Scholz & Friends Profile)

Dr. Lutz Mackebrandt
(Vice-President of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater)

Susanne Risch
(Editor-in-Chief of brand eins Neuland)

Thomas Schuck
(Managing Director of Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung Saar GmbH).


More News

New Straelen Wirtschaftsförderung website online now!

It has been online since November 2008: the new, up-to-date Straelen Wirtschaftsförderung website under www.straelen-invest.com.

Concise, compact, competent: the website is designed specially for the needs of investors, comes directly to the point and is a further example of service-orientated action in Straelen.

WfG Straelen's new "microsite" has been set up as an additional source of information for a speedy overview and augments the detailed economics information provided on the official Straelen website.

As usual, you will still find the "detailed" Straelen economics information under the category "Living and working" under www.straelen.de.